Innovation and progress

VAF is an expanding medium-sized and family-run company consisting of 200 employees. We are acting worldwide as a leading manufacturer and supplier of special machines and facilities for well-known automobile manufacturers and their sub-suppliers.

Our customers appreciate our high-quality products and our ability of meeting deadlines which can be guaranteed due to a highly motivated staff, a strict organization and the willingness to flexibly and promptly fulfill our customers’ requirements.

The above-average vertical range of manufacture reflects the strategic organization of our company and makes up the basis for reaching the ambitious goals regarding quality and delivery time.
We are grateful to be part of such a dynamic market, because a standstill often also signalizes a regression.

Cooperation is trumps!

People who influence and improve operations play an important role at VAF. It’s our employees who have the ability to convert ideas into technical constructions and therefore have a positive formative influence on the corporate culture of VAF as a family-run company.


Luftaufnahme Gebäude der VAF